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If you shop online, this good news is for you. These new rules are being applied

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The Modi government is going to give big good news to online shoppers. 

The central government has been implementing new rules for e-commerce companies in the country since July 27, 2020. New rules for e-commerce companies have been implemented within the Consumer Protection Act 2019. This law is also a part of the Consumer Protection Act 2019. It was supposed to be implemented in the country from July 20, 2020, but now it will be implemented across the country from July 27. Explain that since last July 20, the Consumer Protection Act 2019 is applicable across the country. Consumer and Food Affairs Minister Ram Vilas Paswan will make the announcement at a press conference on July 27.

For the first time in the country, guidelines have been created for e-commerce companies. Previously, the Consumer Protection Act 1986 had no rules for e-commerce companies.


Penalties have also been provided for fraud with online shoppers after the new rules came into force for e-commerce companies on July 27. E-commerce companies will now be cracked down on if consumers are cheated in online shopping. The new e-commerce law will not only increase customer convenience but also give some new rights.

Companies now have to look after the interests of consumers

E-commerce companies will now have to pay more attention to the interests of consumers in the new consumer law. Whether the company is registered in the country or abroad. The new rule also provides for punishment along with fines. E-commerce companies cannot charge if a customer books an order and cancels it later, as well as penalties for delivery of cheaper content. Information on refunds, exchanges, guarantees, warranties will have to be made available on the portal by e-commerce companies. At the same time it has to state in which country the product is made. At the same time false or enticing price and hidden charges will also be handled.


A nodal officer will be appointed for complaints of online companies

Under the new e-commerce rule, a nodal officer will be appointed for complaints of online companies. This officer will have to resolve the complaints of the customers within a fixed time limit. The new rules will have to comply with the rules of all e-commerce companies, big and small. Union Minister Ram Vilas Paswan will brief the media on the new law on July 27.

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