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Now make a ration card at home, find out where the document will be needed

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 Having a ration card has become more important for people after the implementation of the One Nation One Card system in the country.  Not only is it used to get cheap rations, but it also serves as an identity card.  After the implementation of this scheme, a person from any state can avail cheap rations anywhere in the country.  The person who has a ration card is just as important as the Aadhaar and PAN card.  If you don't have a ration card yet, don't panic.  You can apply for a ration card from your smartphone sitting at home.  For this, all the states have created a website on their behalf.  Go to the website wherever you live and apply for a ration card.

 There are Two types of ration cards

  1.  Above the Poverty Line (APL)
  2. Below Poverty Line (BPL)
  3.  For the Antyodaya family.  

Very poor people are placed in the Antyodaya category.  This class is decided on the basis of the annual income of the person.  Apart from this, the items received at different rates on different ration cards, their quantity varies.  It can also vary depending on the rural and urban area.

 Eligibility conditions

 It is mandatory for a person to be a citizen of India to get a ration card. A person should not have a ration card of any other state.

 Those in whose name the ration card is being issued should be above 18 years of age. Children below 18 years of age are included in the parent's ration card. A family has a ration card in the name of the head of the family. The members who are being included in the ration card belong to their family.  Must have a relationship with the head.

 Prior to that, the name of any family member should not be in the ration card. The UP government gives Rs 6,000 annually to widows.

 How you can apply

 Ration To create a ration card, first go to the official website of your state.  After this, click on the link with Apply Application for Ration Card. Ration Aadhar Card, Voter ID, Passport, Health Card, Driving License, etc. can be given as ID proof for making Ration Card. Application fee for Ation Ration Card is Rs.  Is 05 to 45.  After filling the application, submit the fee and submit the application.After field verification, if your application is found to be correct, your ration card will be generated.

 These documents are required

 Aadhaar card, voter ID, passport, iCard issued by any government, health card, driving license can be given as ID proof for making ration card.  Apart from this, documents like PAN card, passport size photo, income certificate, address proof, electricity bill, gas connection book, telephone bill, bank statement or passbook, rental agreement will also be attached.

 Nominal fee

 The applicant also has to pay a nominal fee to get a ration card.  For this, the applicant will have to find it in their state and region.  In Delhi, for example, the fees range from Rs 5 to Rs 45.  After the application is submitted, it is sent for field verification.  The officer examines and confirms the information filled in the form.  This test is usually completed within 30 days of applying.  After this, further processing takes place.  Ration card is made after checking all the details.  Legal action can be taken against the applicant if any details are found to be incorrect

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