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Bad news for those addicted to tobacco, pan masala

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Bad news for tobacco, pan masala

 Addicts suffered greatly when the coronavirus was banned from opening the pan-masala ghats during the lockdown.  However, bad news for such people may come soon.  The Goods and Services Tax (GST) Council meeting is scheduled for this month (GST Council Meeting).  A meeting of the GST Council can be held anytime in the month of August.  Measures to meet compensation requirements will be the sole agenda of the meeting.  The meeting is also expected to discuss three key suggestions for raising compensation funds.

According to the current GST rate structure, some sin goods including cigarettes, pan masala and aerated drinks are subject to cess.  In addition to sin goods, cess is also levied on luxury products such as cars.  At present, there is a 100 per cent cess on pan masala.  And the cess can be increased up to a maximum of 130 per cent as per the cess rules.  Which means a further 30 per cent cess on pan masala could be increased if the GST Council decides.

Cigarettes can be subject to a maximum cess of up to 290 per cent. At present, each category of cigarette, including Ed Valerum, carries an additional burden of Rs 4,170 per thousand skits. This cess can be imposed on a special type of cigarette. In terms of cess percentage, only a maximum of 36 per cent cess has been applied so far. In view of this, the GST Council has the option of imposing a cess of 254 per cent.

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