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Farmers can earn millions

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 Among the government benefits is an excellent opportunity

If not farming, farmers can earn millions in these 7 businesses, which is an excellent opportunity among government benefits

Despite giving India an agricultural country the status of food giver to the farmers, they do not get their due as they do not get a fair price for the crop and get more profit from the middlemen. So farmers adopt other options. Animal husbandry is a good option. Farmers can make a good profit by doing business in any of the 7 different sectors given in it.

 Dairy Industry - Poultry Farm

 Dairy farming is a good option for farmers to start. There are also a number of exemptions granted by the government. In addition, the government agency NABARD also subsidizes the loan for this work. Since there is always a demand for milk and related products, this can be a lucrative deal.

 The farmer can also try in the rearing work. This can start on both a small and large basis. The government also provides grants for this. It is also a lucrative business due to the increasing demand for chicken meat and eggs.

Fisheries - Quail farming

 There is a good profit in farming as well as fish farming. Fish farming in one acre pond costs Rs. Can earn 6-8 lakhs. In this, you can also get subsidy on this from various schemes run by the government. Meat and quail bird eggs are also in high demand in the market. Therefore, this business is also a good option. 8 to 10 quails can be kept instead of the cost of raising chickens. Also, the quail will lay more eggs than the chicken. Female quail start laying eggs from the age of 45 days.

 Goat rearing - Sheep rearing

 Goat's milk is beneficial in curing colds, flu and other ailments including phlegm. It also boosts immunity. So goat milk is in great demand. In such a situation, farmers can make goat rearing a means of livelihood. Its meat is also in great demand in cities. Like goats, sheep farming can also be a good source of income. Its meat and milk can be sold.

Pearl business

 The demand for true pearls is always in the market. This is a very profitable job. Therefore, farmers can also turn to it. It can be cultivated in a 10 × 10 foot pond. Pearls found in oysters can be sold at good prices. October to December is considered to be the best time for pearl cultivation. An oyster costs about 8 to 12 rupees. At the same time, the price of 1 mm to 20 mm oyster pearls in the market is about 300 to 1500 rupees.

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