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Recover deleted photos in WhatsApp through File Manager

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 Deleted images can often be retrieved in WhatsApp.  However, this trick only works in Android and not in iPhone

 First of all you have to go to the file manager.  Open the WhatsApp folder there and see if the image you deleted appears there.  All you have to do is go to the media inside WhatsApp in the internal memory and the WhatsApp image folder inside it.

 Now if you see an image here, it is possible that the image has been saved by a member of the group you sent it to.  If you have sent or received the image through chat, you can ask your chat partner about it.  You can get back from them if they keep the image intact.

 This way you can get the deleted image back.  However this requires that you have the WhatsApp backup feature enabled.  You can go to Settings-Chat Backup to make this change.  By going there one can decide how much data to save.

 You can also do this from Google.  But you can do that by going there.  One limitation here is that there are so many apps out there.  It requires root access to your phone.  You cannot recover the image.  Even if you want to recover, you have to pay the fee.  So it is advisable to stay away from such apps for the most part.

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