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There is no shortage of sanitizers in the country now

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shortage of sanitizers
shortage of sanitizers

Hand sanitizers are one of the most widely available coronavirus remedies in the country. The central government has now decided to change the rules of compulsory licensing to sell sanitizers. Any citizen of the country can sell sanitizer without any difficulty and the Union Ministry of Health has also issued a notification in this regard.

In view of the Kovid-19 epidemic, the Union Ministry of Health has abolished the requirement for licenses for the sale and storage of sanitizers so that they can be widely available among the people. According to an official notification, the ministry has given the exemption under the provisions of the Medicines and Cosmetics Rules.

However, the vendors have also clarified that the sale and storage of these products should not take place after the expiry date of their use. The notice was released on Monday.

Several requests were made to the ministry seeking permission to obtain a license for the sale of sanitizers. The government had made licensing mandatory for the sale and storage of sanitizers amid the spread and lockdown of the corona virus epidemic in the country. The decision was taken due to fears that the black market would increase in the country. At the same time, the demand for sanitizers suddenly increased and so did the prices.

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