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Buy Solar Trap to Farmers - Learn How To Apply Form

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The state government often announces new schemes for the benefit of the farmers, but the farmers are not aware of the scheme which is why the farmers are missing out on the benefits of the scheme, but now a unique initiative has been launched to make the information of every scheme easily accessible to the farmers.  Yes, at present the government is running a "Solar Light Trap" scheme, so let us know what will be the benefit to the farmers in this scheme.  .

 RKVY-Control of White grub in groundnut

 50% of the price for all farmers or Rs.  3000 / - per hectare less than two will be a maximum of 2 per beneficiary per account માટે To get light trap / solar light trap the beneficiary farmer will have to purchase from the manufacturer or authorized dealer of the manufacturer included in the empowerment of solar light trap component.

 Scheme for distribution of solar light (energy) trap to farmers

 50% of the cost of solar light trap for SC / ST farmers or Rs.  50 / - 50% of the cost of solar light trap for all farmers except SC / ST which is less than Rs.  500 / - whichever is less than

 2. These are just some of the goal setting shareware that you can use.

 1.  Application can be made whether the farmer has registration or not.  .  If you say yes in the farmer registration then you have to provide Aadhaar number and mobile number then an OTP will be sent on your mobile.  After entering the OTP, give the details of the farmer in the application and you will come online.

 .  If you are applying for the first time from the year 2015-16 without registering a farmer, by giving Aadhar number and mobile number while applying online, by submitting a copy of Aadhar number to the concerned office at the time of eligibility of application, after verification by the concerned officer.  Registration).  At that time an SMS will be sent to your registered mobile number stating that the registration has been done. 

Details that are red  are mandatory.

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 In order to update / confirm the application, along with the application number, the account number of the land account which is given at the time of application should be given.

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The application will not be updated after the application is confirmed.  6. After the application is confirmed, the print of the application can be taken.  .  If the name of the bank is not found in the list, contact the nearest agriculture office.  .  If the application number is not generated while saving the application, read the message in the above line of instructions.

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