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The bigs news for Navratri

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 While the Khaileyas in the state are eagerly awaiting the approval of Navratri, frustration has spread among the people following the guidelines announced by the Gujarat government today regarding the festivals.  State CM Vijay Rupani has taken a big decision regarding planning for Navratri.

 Deputy CM Nitin Patel today issued a statement on the Navratri issue after the state government announced new guidelines on festivals.  "The state government is careful not to increase the transmission of corona, which is why we have not given permission for Navratri," he said.  The meeting was held at the CM's residence yesterday.  It was discussed to give Sartala in which there are important festivals in Gujarat.

 The opinions of all present at the meeting were taken, and in the end the final decision is made after all the opinions.  After a long discussion yesterday, a decision has been taken today regarding Diwali and Navratri.

 Nitin Patel said, "We have decided after seeing the opinion of AMA and media reports on the Koro epidemic."  Due to the epidemic of Koro, there will be no control in Garba among the Khaileyas, so Garba cannot be done.  Only worship can be done but Garba cannot be done at all.  There is no hope of getting any kind of garba approval this year.  Navratri is associated with religious matters.  Mataji is worshiped for 9 days of Navratri.  Prime Minister Narendra Modi also fasts on Navratri.  So we decided to worship Mataji in Navratri.  In the presence of 200 people, Garbi can be brought and Aarti can be performed.  Aarti is allowed with devotion.  Amo has taken care of the religious spirit.

 Nitin Patel said that if there is a need to separate 10 places in a village, everyone can do it in their own way.  Amo has not kept a long process for approval for Garba.  We have considered the festivals till Diwali.  One campus cannot accommodate more than 200 people.  We have to take care that there is no traffic in any temple.  Common plot, big plot, hall, town hall.  Artists will be able to give programs in the hall.

 Last week, Deputy Chief Minister Nitin Patel said the Rupani government was considering approving street riots during Navratri.  Nitin Patel's statement was reassuring for Garba fans and people thought that Garba could be played not only in party plots, but also in societies or at home but now the government has decided not to allow any kind of Garba.

ગુજરાતીમાં વાંચવા માટે અહીં ક્લીક કરો

 It may be noted here that, as per the guideline announced by the state government, public planning of Garba cannot be done at any place in the state during Navratri.  Not even party plots can be organized, but street garba cannot be held either.  During Navratri, Garbi / idol can be installed and worshiped in open space in public but photos or idol cannot be touched and prasad cannot be distributed.  This will require the approval of the local administration.  In addition no more than 20 persons may be collected.  Also, the installation of Garbi and Murti and the program of Pooja-Aarti will be only one hour.  In addition, the SOP announced by the state government must be complied with.

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