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Does your child have an eye number? So these 5 natural tips will do away with the glasses in a short time

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 If your child has a number in the eyes, do the remedy mentioned here, the number will naturally go away and the eyes will become healthy.

 Do this if your child has a number in the eye

 Remove the eye number with a simple remedy

 Here are some tips to keep your eyes healthy

 Today's children are busy on mobile phones for hours.  Harmful illumination of the mobile damages the delicate eyes of the child.  With the help of simple home remedies along with eye exercises you can get rid of your child's eye numbers and also make the eyes healthy.  So if you want to keep your eyes bright, you need to follow these tips.


 Include butter and milk in baby's diet to eliminate calcium and vitamin A deficiency.  Apart from this, mix 1/4 teaspoon butter, jethi honey powder and one teaspoon honey in a cup of milk and give it to the baby to drink.  There are benefits to consuming it daily.

 Carrot juice

 Carrots are also good for the eyes. Feed the baby carrots.  If the child is reluctant to eat carrots, give him carrot juice. Vitamin 'A' in carrots is beneficial for the eyes as it increases the brightness of the eyes.

 Triphala powder

 Triphala powder is also effective for reducing eye number.  Triphalachurna Harde, Baheda, Amla are auspicious.  Cut all three fruits in half and wrap them in a white cloth.  Dip one foot into warm paraffin overnight.  Now after brushing in the morning, fill the mouth with water and sprinkle water in a copper pot in the eyes.  Doing this experiment for a year reduces the number of eyes.  Almonds soaked in water are also beneficial.  Soak five almonds in water at night then eat it in the morning.  Doing so also increases the brightness of the eyes.

 Eye exercises

 Strike the light for eye exercises.  Light a candle or lamp a short distance in front of your eyes and look at it without blinking the Actis eyelid in front of it.  There are benefits to doing such exercises daily.  Also rotate the eye from right to left and from left to right.  Rotate from top to bottom and exercise in this way increases the brightness of the eyes.  Press the eye lightly with the palm of your hand and release it after a while. Doing this will give relaxation to the eye and increase the light. Eliminate eye fatigue.

 Cardamom and anise

 Get in the habit of drinking cardamom milk at night before going to bed.  This milk is very beneficial for the baby.  It keeps the eyes healthy.  Mixing aniseed, sugar, almonds and drinking it in a glass of milk is beneficial.  Increases the brightness of the eyes.

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 Balanced diet

 It is also important to have a balanced diet.  It is important to eat healthy food to reduce physical weakness.  Vegetables.  Include vitamin A rich foods, papaya, oranges, spinach, coriander, potatoes etc. in the diet.  Which improves eyesight.

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