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Use WhatsApp like this without any phone number

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 Many users are leaving WhatsApp after the new privacy policy came up but there is a trick by which you can use it without a number.

▪️ Overcoming the fear of WhatsApp privacy

 ▪️Use WhatsApp without a personal number

▪️ WhatsApp will run without your number

Many users are scared of having to share their private data with WhatsApp and have stopped using WhatsApp.

 However, if you want to use WhatsApp, you can use it without a personal number.

 🔹How to use without number

 If you want to use WhatsApp without your personal number, you will need a virtual number.  For which you have to download TextNow this application.

🔹 This is how to get a virtual number

 Now to get a virtual number for WhatsApp you have to create a free account on TextNow.  By taking a loan you will get a list of 5 free phone numbers located in the US or Canada.  Select any one of them.  From this virtual number you can call and send and receive messages.

🔹How will WhatsApp run without a number

 Now download WhatsApp to phone.  If your phone is already installed you will need to uninstall and re-download later.  When registering you have to change the STD code of India to USA or Canada based on the virtual number.  Enter the virtual number later, it is necessary to keep the TextNow application open in the background.

➡️કોઇ પણ ફોન નંબર વગર આ રીતે યુઝ કરો વૉટ્સઍપ ગુજરાતી માહિતી 

 🔹Keep this in mind

 It is important that you do not get OTP when you start WhatsApp with this number, so you have to wait till the timing of OTP expires.  Select the Column option later.  So the call will come in the TextNow app which will be an audio message.  After splitting the OTP, proceed further and use WhatsApp.

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