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The easiest way to increase mobile speed: Know now

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 When we get a new phone, we enjoy using it a lot and everything opens and closes quickly but as our phone gets old.  Our mobile speed starts to slow down, our phone starts hanging.

 Today we have brought a good information for you, after reading that your old phone will start running like new without stopping again and hanging.  So let's know how the speed of the phone can be increased.

Thousands of Android users now trust Quick Heal with the security and data protection of their devices.  You can be one of them and enjoy the following benefits.

 Quick Heal Total Security, certified by AV-Test, provides robust web protection against malicious threats.  It blocks malicious and phishing websites, scans all apps, protects children with parental control features, provides call filters and provides advanced anti-theft features.

Features and benefits of Quick Heal App

 Quick Heal's anti-theft technology prevents your device from being misused if it is lost or stolen.  This allows you to lock your device or remotely erase all its data.

 Motion Alarm: If alerted to the possibility of theft, it immediately turns on the phone.

 Pocket Alarm: If a person tries to steal a phone from a pocket, it ensures safety from pocket theft by promptly informing the user.

 Wi-Fi Security: Alerts you whenever your mobile device detects an unsecured Wi-Fi network.

 Scan before downloading: Scan the application automatically before downloading it from the Google Play Store.  It also tells you whether an app is safe to install.

 Quick Scan: Quick Scan runs on your device upon your request to detect and block malwares, key loggers and fake apps.

 Background Scan: Inspects every downloaded app to make sure it works.  The antivirus engine also scans the entire device for malware and malicious programs.

 SafePay: Protects your financial transactions when you use the payment app for online shopping, banking, paying bills and more.

 App Lock: Keep your sensitive content safe and private by locking any app with a PIN code, or fingerprint.

 Parental Control: Blocks specific websites and websites based on their categories such as adult, violence, drugs, etc.

 Call filter: blocks unwanted calls from different numbers or the entire range.  International calls can also be blocked.

 Boost: It speeds up device performance, improves battery life, and kills applications that are idle or running on demand.

 Network Monitor: It monitors data usage and sets alerts and limits for the same.

 Remote Device Management: Helps you to remotely lock your lost or stolen device, wipe its data, and locate its location.

 Message Center: Displays all important notifications and news alerts in a centralized location.

Privacy Advisor: Helps you review the apps installed on your phone and their permissions that may affect your privacy.

 Security Advisor: Guides you about the settings that can enhance the overall security of your smartphone.

 Security Shield: Displays the security level of your device and data through a graphical representation.

Quick Heal App Dawunlod  यहाँ क्लिक करे

 Regular Automatic Virus Updates: Takes automatic virus definition updates.

 Intruder Detection: Whoever tries to unlock your device with the wrong PIN, takes a snapshot of it.

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